Bio-Energy Therapy

Bio-Energy Therapy is a hands off treatment working on the energy of the body. This ancient Chinese healing therapy based on the principles of Chi which many eastern philosophies understand is the key to good health and vitality. Balanced Chi equals good health emotionally, mentally and physically. Stress, poor diet and many other factors affect our levels of chi resulting in us feeling tired, lack of motivation, poor lifestyle choices and health issues.

Bio-Energy Therapy works by connecting with the body’s natural energy centres that feed and nourish the body helping to relax, de-stress and help with an overall feeling of health and well-being.

The therapist uses specific hand movements to work with the energy, it is relaxing to receive, non-invasive and you remain fully clothed throughout.

Each treatment lasts approximately 40 – 50 minutes for an adult and 20- 30 minutes for children. On average 4 – 6 treatments is advised (this may vary depending on the condition) and will be discussed with your therapist.

To book an appointment and for further details please Contact Pauline