“Ki” Qi or “Chi” is energy.

Ki for Life means Energy for Life

The centre offers a relaxing, supportive and encouraging environment in which to experience holistic treatments, workshops, and classes.

Holistic treatments focus on the whole person, not just your physical body. We are made of so much more. Our thoughts, our emotions and our feelings, all of these contribute to our good health yet, it is often only when our physical health is affected that we start to take notice and think about making changes.

When we look after all aspects of ourselves we can bring about positive and constructive change, bring about good health and a sense of well being. Mentally, emotionally and physically.

The holistic treatments are brought to you by experienced therapist Pauline McDermott who herself has benefitted from making positive changes through treatments such as these.

Pauline’s work with various clients has been featured on Radio and T.V. and she has led seminars, workshops, and delivered training to students on various aspects of Complementary Health and Health & Social Care In Ireland and the U.K. including Understanding Behaviours that Challenge and Residential Childcare Qualification.

A qualified therapist since 1997 Pauline is also a qualified trainer and Assessor and brings a wealth of experience to each and every session and course.

Pauline McDermott