Classes & Workshops

E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Workshops are held in E.F.T allowing you to experience just how many uses this incredible treatment can be helpful for. Emotional and physical conditions can be helped with this great self-help tool. By tapping on various points located on the body in a particular sequence this therapy has been shown to help a vast spectrum of health and stress related problems.

During this full day course you are shown the sequence and the location of the points used and throughout the day there is plenty of opportunity to practice . Because this is a valuable self-help tool – you can use it on yourself at any time in any place and is especially helpful in anxiety or panic situations.

It’s a fun, life enhancing tool and can, quite literally be life changing.

Please note; there is no qualification available on this course as it is a self-help workshop.

Relaxation & Meditation

Please check with the centre for times of classes

Classes run for 8 weeks and designed to teach a variety of techniques you can easily practise at home or work and with on going practice the effects can be experienced and enjoyed. At the beginning of each class we practise simple Do-In meridian stretches and exercises to release physical tension, strengthen the body and increase flexibility.

Then gentle guided meditation follows and each week is slightly different to offer choice as each person will prefer one method over another and you will find something that you particularly enjoy and will want to continue to practice. The classes are small to ensure individual attention, they are fun and relaxing and offer encouragement for support and change. Real health benefits can be gained from learning and practising the techniques learned through these classes.

Stress Management

Recognising stress is the first step in bringing about change. What are the signs and symptoms of stress? Then having recognised them then what do we do? Well these stress management courses are designed to help you recognise the triggers and then make the changes right for you. This course gives you a variety of tried and tested techniques which will bring about change and an improvement in any stress related health issues. These techniques will even help to manage pain associated with many health issues such as general aches and pains, lethargy, headaches, migraines, back pain, menstrual pain, neck and shoulder pain, posture, panic attacks, will help with self confidence, ability to focus, concentration and generally bring about a sense of balance, health and vitality.

Stress management courses are suitable for individual clients, groups and corporate clients and to discuss your particular requirements please call Pauline to discuss in detail and in confidence.