Stress Management

Ki for Life provide holistic treatments that focus on the body as a whole not just the physical aspect. We have thoughts, feelings and emotions and all of these contribute to our good health. Far too often, it is only when our physical health is affected that we start to take notice and look to make changes. Yet, when we look after all aspects of ourselves we can implement positive and constructive change, bringing about good health and a sense of well being.

The holistic treatments are brought to you by experienced therapist Pauline McDermott who herself has suffered ill-health and has benefitted from making positive changes through treatments such as these.

Ki for Life provide the following treatments:

– Bio-Energy Therapy – an ancient Chinese healing therapy based on the principles of Chi
– Hypnotherapy – we provide both suggestion therapy and hypno-analysis
– Platinum Detox – a detox treatment which stimulates the pores in the feet to release toxins
– Shiatsu – a relaxing therapy using finger and thumb pressure on various points on the body