Hypnosis is best described as a very deep state of relaxation, a state similar to that dreamy time just before sleep comes. When your mind and body are so very relaxed. In this state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness you are highly responsive to suggestions as the conscious, thinking mind is by-passed.

It must be pointed out you are always in control as no suggestions or instructions will contradict your personal moral code or made to do anything against your will.

Hypnotherapy is suitable for everyone and is very useful in helping you handle every day stresses and strains and is not just for those struggling with emotional issues or trauma.

There are different methods of employing hypnosis therapeutically;
1. Suggestion Therapy

2. Hypnoanalysis

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Suggestion Therapy works on fears, phobias anxiety related problems and changing bad habits (nail biting, smoking etc..) increasing motivation, sports performance, confidence, concentration, memory, calm exam nerves and anxiety of public speaking, aid weight loss.

Whereas Hypnoanalysis is used to source the root cause of a presenting problem or issue and treating with psychotherapeutic techniques whilst in hypnosis this increases the deep long term benefits and gains.

Each session is carried out in private and confidentiality is guaranteed. If you have a concern which you would like to discuss further and in private please contact Pauline for a free initial consultation.